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Truth is the basis for the continuity of life. Without truth there simplify cannot be any workable science, knowledge or progress. Never before has it become so important to defend the truth.

With the volume of information now exceeding that of all previous generations taken together, and in an interconnected world, suppression of the truth has also never been so threatening to a global society. We now ‘freely’ share information and new knowledge on the Internet and social media while building our dreams, ambitions and futures based on this information. Should this information be deceptive or twisted to serve elect needs we are in serious trouble.

If we go back to or evolutionary origins, there is no need to further defend the general acceptance today that life is an interconnected progressive force dependent on reliable information to advance itself. Think of an ameba perceptive of the damaging effect of heat moving away from a light beam or a cell reacting to a carcinogen. Any form of life responds to external stimuli and change and depends for its progress and survival on truthful information. Be it a cell or a complex organism such as us, if not for trustworthy information received by reliable receptors, it will be impossible to arrive at realistic conclusions about anything in order to survive and advance itself.

We value the truth because we need to not be deceived by pending dangers or deceived by dangers that don’t exist. We have an innate objective need to identify the value of things such as food, water or shelter. We also value the truth because it establishes reliable friendships and enable us to share ideas we can trust. Dependable information help us built future communities that we can all be part of and feely share in — without fear of deception or persecution. Now evolved in complexity and knowledge, our dependency on each other and reliable information have never been more urgent.

Undeniably we all have our personal biases, be it driven by culture, religion, status or in support for our local sports team. Our responsibility is not only to defend the truth, but also not to let these personal biases clutter our ability to make sound judgments as to what is true and fair and what is not.

After many years entangled in science and philosophy in an attempt to unmask unclouded truths it became more than a personal matter but also a pressing need, with unreliable information now also seen as besetting our healthcare system.

My own struggles to confront the volume of information I dealt with in my own career were in the end rewarded in a simple realization, now published in a new book Spheres of Perception.

We can use as a simple example here in how we daily deal with our in-boxes and cluttered bins crying to be emptied on our computers. We can classify this overload of information most of us daily wake up to as, things we know for certain to be true, things we are unsure about, and the unknown.

The ‘unknowns’ general end up in our spam box while the ‘truths’ reinforce our beliefs in others and ourselves. These truths offer the secure guidelines we so desperately need to plan our day, careers and life. It is however those annoying ‘uncertainties’ that generally make us late for work or mess up that critical meeting. We are all familiar with how untruths in the form of propaganda can be used to fool opponents or sway consumers, and we should newly question the morality of this.

Now in a simple method designed around newer understanding of our evolution origins, together with a bit of philosophical wisdom, a new system has emerged to help align us better with workable truths in what can, at the best, be seen as confusing and complex times.

In simple terms this method makes use of a Physical Sphere to harbor certainties, a Logical Sphere for uncertainties and allocate unknows to a metaphysical sphere of reasoning.

We acknowledge all three spheres as interactive, interconnected and in constant communication with each other, generating both change and complexity.

The system serves to reduce those annoying biases that prevents us from making sound decisions or occupy time in needles disputes. Above all, and for me as a healthcare professional, I valued the impact of reducing stress in my life in using this new life-changing guide.

We value your input and thoughts on how we can all help to continuously build a free and fair global future society, in a united search for trustworthy information

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