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Time for Change

We live in interesting times. Technologically advanced and more knowledgeable than previously, we stage confidence in more complexity and uncertainty than ever experienced in our social evolution. Facing a future where only one thing is certain, change and much of it, our morality is severely challenged. Sadly, our healthcare system, integral to our morality, is also under enormous pressure. While costs escalate, quality declines and coverage shrink. Technical fixes aren’t solving the problem. The corporate business model has also comfortably distanced itself from this escalating complexity and new societal needs, while creating the current structure in the first place.

Nowdrawing on new discoveries in evolutionary biology this book re-examines the moral foundations upon which our healthcare systems have been built and could be made more adaptable to confront future demands.This book’s primary intention is to create more awareness in both decision makers and the public on how a refreshed understanding of our evolutionary origins is presenting us with a new morality for a new era. This timely text using three easily applied spheres of perception, also fosters in all of us the ability to, through rational and clear thinking, assist in helping to improve our world. At a personal and social level, it should help readers to make more informed judgments in progressing as vital parts of a progressive new society, we can allbe proud to be part of.

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