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There is so little consensus about so many issues today, and many appear to be so certain of their own concepts about what now appears to be so uncertain. When reaching this point, our choices become few but to either keep thinking with the risk of alienating ourselves from others and their ideas, and eventually society; or to stop thinking and risk alienating ourselves from reality.

Only unaltered truths, and then justice in how these 'truths' are openly distributed and applied within an equal and free society can liberate us from reaching this dilemma.

But when these expectant 'truths' turn out not to be liberating, when justice doesn’t ensue from this long awaited birth in this marriage between freedom and equality, we become disillusioned, with our only option now to challenge the foundations of these ‘truths’.

It is in our failure to continuously challenge set concepts and ensure the reliable progression of new knowledge that a civilization and its epistemology will regress and eventually collapse, or we will all become alienated from reality, whatever that may turn out to be

. Theo Holtzhausen 29/12/2020

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