The Author of Spheres of Perception and founder of Sensible Gene, worked as a young veterinary surgeon in London, England. Evolution, anthropology and philosophy  were other fields he pursued with passion while in practice. This pursuit  was further nurtured by much reading and experiences obtain from many travels around the world.  Obtaining a post-graduate qualification in International health, and working in undeveloped rural communities for 2 years, his  ongoing search for substance in life exposed him to much ongoing diversity, and disparity.  Rounded in such heterogeneity in reading and experience  a critical and life-changing concept became apparent. Spheres of Perception was  written and adapted from this concept to serve as a model for social development and evolve a pragmatic universal morality.  It also resulted on setting up the Sensible Gene Foundation.

The Concept:

In recent years a major paradigm shift occurred in our understanding of  life with new advances in genetics  and biochemistry. An interconnected genome is now seen  as  a 'perceptive' and adaptable method to carry  workable, yet pliable, perceptions (impressions) transgenerational in response to  rapidly changing environments. Gone are the days of a set genetic blueprint operating in isolation ,struggling merely to reproduce and survive.  With a much larger picture now emerging,  we see  ourselves as closely interconnected to our environment and as  part of a living, pliable interactive network. in a much more mobile DNA.   

 Spilling into healthcare and the ecology it is now also apparent how we can better heal, nurture and fine-tune our DNA by by caring for our epigenome (interlinked to the  environment), using the same principled interconnections already evident in our evolutionary biology.

Redefining success to match the needs of a living interconnected network, our work is to increase successful  healthcare and social  development outcomes by improving the morality of our actions as a species. In brief, this demands principled interconnections on all levels;  reducing genomic exposure to toxins and chemicals,  improving and enriching our environments and reducing stress by means of healthy  interactive  social networks. By seeing the genome as part of a living and principled network, we we progress in better understanding of this consonance. Our work has no cultural, racial or social boundaries, and no religious or institutionalized links. We are committed to reduce suffering, poverty and promote moral conduct on all  fronts without discrimination and focus on social interaction  as it  affects a principled,  perceptive, and intricately interconnected living network.

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